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If Game of Thrones characters were footballers featuring Cristiano Ronaldo, Jose Mourinho and Lionel Messi

Alexis Sanchez has drawn comparisons with Game of Thrones character Cersei Lannister in the latest low for the Manchester United striker.

Reports emerged on Wednesday morning the Red Devils were willing to pay for the former Arsenal man to Leave Old Trafford once the transfer window opens on Thursday.

And his shortcomings at United have been compared to the Game of Thrones character given how lucrative his deal is.

Lena Heardley, who plays Cersei in the popular TV series, reportedly earned $1million per episode for the latest season.

Given how little screen time the actress is given in the final ever season, fans on Twitter were quick to make the comparison with Sanchez given how little he has delivered since his move in January 2018.

TV’s Alexis Sanchez.

— Ronan Murphy (@swearimnotpaul) May 13, 2019

But here at, it got us thinking about the other comparisons which could be made with footballers and characters from the world of the Iron Throne.

Scroll down to see who your favourite character would be!

Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish – Jose Mourinho

A tactical manipulator and able to influence those around him, ‘Littlefinger’ eventually succumbed to a gruesome ending after spreading scurrilous lies and trying to weaken those around him.

While Jose Mourinho may not be as destructive, the Portuguese possesses tremendous amounts of charisma and charm. His reign at Manchester Unitedmay have come to a premature end, but the ‘Special One’ will be back.

Arya Stark – N’Golo Kante

Arya Stark had to climb the ranks of society after escaping persecution from the House of Lannister – eventually exacting retribution for the wrongs in her early life.

Similarly, Kante had to climb through the doldrums of Ligue 2 to make it to the very top – eventually becoming a World Cup winner and a two-time Premier League winner.

Jon Snow – Steven Gerrard

Jon Snow is revealed to be Aegon Targaryen later in the series and his fierce loyalty and bravery take him right to the very top. Universally loved and respected for his triumphs, his shortcomings make him somewhat of a tragic hero.

Regardless of your club affiliation, Steven Gerrard’s ‘Roy of the Rovers’ tale with Liverpool is extremely commendable and his technical ability were lauded throughout the world. But glory always seem to evade the midfielder at the final moment as his slip against Chelsea in 2014 shows.

Jamie Lannister – Cristiano Ronaldo

Earning the nickname of ‘The King Slayer’ for his early exploits, Jaime Lannister is one of the most lethal hunters in all of the game after years of perfecting his craft. In the face of adversity, the eldest son of Tywin evolved to the challenges life presented him.

Likewise, Cristiano Ronaldo was feared throughout Europe as a winger capable of leaving defenders clutching their ankles in pain. But as his pace began to wane, the former Real Madrid and Manchester United forward has changed his game – but lost none of his predatory instincts now at Juventus.

Stannis Baratheon – Arsene Wenger

Stannis possesses all of the qualities to sit at the Iron Throne and makes it his sole mission to rule over all. His single-mindedness sees him attack King’s Landing and Winterfell – but fails in both of his quests.

Arsene Wenger was, at one point, one of the greatest managers in the world. But Arsenal fans grew weary of his stubborn ways and his man-management skills blurred his obvious credentials.

Samwell Tarly – Cesar Azpilicueta

Against his wishes, Samwell Tarly joined the Night Watch. Although he may not look like the most obvious choice for a warrior, Jon Snow’s closest friend is intelligent, well-educated, and insightful and uses all his knowledge in battle.

Similarly, when Azpilicueta arrived at Chelsea in 2012 he was primarily a right back. Yet, despite standing at just 1.78m, the Spaniard has mastered every position in defence with little fuss and is very adept at dealing with much larger strikers.

The Mountain – Adebayo Akinfenwa

Just look at the size of them…

Varys – Zinedine Zidane

A skilled manipulator and with an army at his disposal, Varys the Master of Whisperers seeks to bring peace to the Seven Kingdoms. Never afraid to stick with a winner, Varys is highly respected and able to survive at the top.

When Zidane was appointed as Real Madrid boss in 2016, little was expected of the World Cup winner. But his man-management skills and calm demeanour earned him the respect of his players and bore great success. The Frenchman has since been brought back to the Bernabeu to clean up the mess his successors caused.

Daenerys Targaryen – Yaya Toure

Blessed with incredible self-belief to match her undoubted skills, Daenerys Targaryen is not afraid to claim what is hers by whatever means necessary. After defeating the living in the battle of ‘Fire and Ice’, Daenerys allows herself to succumb to madness and embarks on a devastating and potentially fatal campaign of revenge.

At Manchester City, Yaya Toure proved he had the skills, physical attributes to move out of the shadow of his brother. Unstoppable on his day, the Ivorian eventually began to collect silverware at the Etihad, but his meltdown over a birthday cake (or lack thereof) proved to be the end of the midfielder’s career in England.

Tyrion Lannister – Lionel Messi

Despite facing constant persecution over his height, Tyrion Lannister has used his wit and intellect to overcome all the obstacles in his path. Despite being born into the House of Lannister, Tyrion displays tremendous loyalty to the House of Targaryen.

As a child, Messi was given growth hormones to help him develop into a man and the results have been simply incredible. His technical abilities and honesty have endeared him to fans of all teams and he is seen as one of the moist skilful players ever.

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