I live in hotel because I’m lazy

Jose Mourinho has told Manchester United supporters they should not mistake his decision to live in a hotel as a lack of commitment and insists he only does it because he is “lazy.” Mourinho has stayed in the Lowry Hotel in the city centre since his appointment as manager in 2016. It is in contrast to his predecessor, Louis van Gaal, who bought a house in nearby Cheshire even before he officially started in the role in 2014. But Mourinho, whose wife, Matilde, still lives in London, insists there is a simple explanation behind his decision not to put down roots in Manchester.

He said: “I am very lazy and because I like to arrive in the hotel, I don’t want anyone to be worried because I live in a two square metres room, I am living in an apartment inside of a hotel where I have all the comfort, the support, where I have everything I want, like I am living in a house. “So if they are worried about me being comfortable, happy and supported, I really am. That’s the way I feel very comfortable.

“If they want me in some house that I don’t like, in some place I don’t like, lonely from my assistants, if they want that, I would be a sad guy and a sad guy doesn’t work well.” It comes after speculation Mourinho could quit as United manager in the summer — reports the Portuguese coach dismissed as “garbage news” at his news conference on Thursday.

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