I have a herdsman managing my cattle

Former Edo Governor, Adams Oshiomhole, has called for the prosecution of violent herdsmen and farmers across the country. He also urged Nigerians not to politicise the herders/farmers clashes. Oshiomhole said that such problems become more difficult to resolve once they begin to assume political context, whipping up sentiments.

The former said that anyone who commits a crime, regardless of his or her trade, should be dealt with according to law. Oshiomhole said that the herdsmen were as old as the Nigerian nation and had been living in peace with other members of the community. “In every part of Nigeria and most communities, you will always have an area domiciled by the herdsmen and they move about their lawful business, here and there”, he said. 

“In my house, I have a herdsman who is managing my cattle and I’m sure there are a lot of other people too who have them. “But like every other aspect of Nigeria, a couple of things might have deteriorated, including environmental and security issues among others,” he said. The ex-labour leader, however, said that the government had a duty to protect life and properties as provided for in the constitution.

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