How to write standup comedy material (By young prince okay)

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Step 1: Establish a funny concept

To start, come up with a funny concept based around your own personal experiences or observations. This could be something as simple as your insecurities at the gym, or getting licked by a passenger on the subway, or how your boyfriend’s obsession with fidget spinners is causing you to rethink… everything. If the thought genuinely makes you laugh, then it’s worth trying out.

VERY IMPORTANT: Don’t overthink in this stage! If something makes you laugh, run with it. Don’t convince yourself that something “is stupid” or “isn’t funny enough.” Some of the best comedic bits of all time come from seemingly insignificant thoughts—and develop into genius only with time, practice, and out-of-nowhere inspiration.

Step 2: Make a list

Once you’ve got your concept in place, make a list of the important characteristics or funny elements that you could potentially turn into a joke.

Step 3: Write your first draft

So choose your topic (gorgeous sister), and your point of view (sweaty underdog), and start writing.

It’s important to keep in mind that no matter how good your material seems at first, it will likely be very different from the final product, as you won’t know what works/doesn’t work until you try it out on stage. So—just as you shouldn’t overthink your raw idea— don’t overthink your first draft




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