How To Please Your Husband & Keep Him Happy

Husbands can sometimes seem like a brick wall. What do they want? What are they feeling? What makes them happy?

Just because men aren’t always vocal about their desires, doesn’t mean that they don’t have needs. It just means you need to put in a little work to find out what exactly your husband’s needs are.

Know His Needs

Chances are you probably know your husband’s favorite food, band, sports team, but I’m talking about something deeper. What does he value in life? What makes him get up in the morning?

Think about how he sees the world. Is family his number one priority? Does he care about making people happy? Is he driven to be the best? These are the kinds of priorities that define your man. These are subtle but they become obvious when you look for them. Think about the things that he always talks about. What does he come back to again and again? What gives him that glint in his eye?

Knowing this information won’t give you all the answers but it will give you insight into his personality and this is going to help you to relate to him better and make him happy. Pinpoint what drives him. If you can support these parts of him then you’ll become truly irreplaceable.

Quick Sex Tip: Surprise him! Many relationships get stale because the woman always expects the man to initiate sex. This can lead to a rut where things are the same every time. To shake things up, try popping in on him in the shower, waking him up in an unexpected way, or sending him a sexy text when he’s at work.

Make Him Feel Valuable

Men want to know that you respect them, need them, and want them. Your husband has committed to you for life. Let him know that you appreciate it.

This can be as simple as giving him a back rub or as elaborate as surprising him with a trip to Australia. It’s not about what you do as much as it is about making that effort that will make him happy.

Let him know that you couldn’t do it without his help and he’ll feel like the alpha male he wants to be.

Be Spontaneous

One of the reasons that relationships go bad is that they’re not exciting anymore. If every day is the same you may both think that you’ve done everything possible together and seen every side of each other.

This is a dangerous way to think because it may lead to thinking that you don’t have to try anything new and you’re just running out the clock on your relationship.

Luckily, it’s not true.

Every person in the world has hidden sides that they’ve never shown to anyone else. It’s by showing these sides to one another that you reveal new depths of the relationship. The only way to do this is by trying new things and getting out of your comfort zone, together.

It can be the cliche of going skydiving or going to Paris, but it doesn’t end there. Don’t just do the obvious. Meet new people together. Travel to his hometown. Take a class. Think of something you’ve never even wanted to do and do it. Run errands together. It doesn’t need to be exciting or even enjoyable to bring you together. Life is too short to have walls between us.

Say Yes

It’s important to be agreeable. You don’t have to be a doormat but don’t shoot down his ideas, make him feel stupid, or argue just for the sake of it. You can still tease him and have those fun, flirty fights but only about stuff that isn’t actually serious.

If you’re quick to argue, take a second and consider his point of view. There’s a chance he’s right and even if he’s not, is it actually important?

A marriage is a partnership so even if you think you’re always right, he needs to feel like you value his input and that his decisions have weight to them.

Keep that in mind and try to go along with him when you can. He’ll appreciate your willingness to indulge him and you’ll be surprised where you end up.

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