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How PDP, Atiku planned to rig Presidential election – BMO

The Buhari Media Organisation (BMO) says it has uncovered alleged plans by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and its candidate Atiku Abubakar to rig the Feb. 16, Presidential Election.

BMO alleged this in a statement signed by its Secretary Ms Cassidy Madueke on Saturday in Abuja.

According to the group, part of the plan to subvert the will of the people, is the PDP’s recent recruitment of a former INEC Chairman known to have presided over the worse election in recent political history of the country.

BMO said the rigging plot also involves spending huge sums of money on police personnel and election officials in many parts of the country.

“With its campaign daily losing steam, PDP has also resorted to accusing everyone directly or remotely connected to President Muhammadu Buhari of corruption.

“Their leaders have been working on this plan for a while and have consciously been raising all sorts of allegations and attacking national institutions involved in the electoral process in order to divert attention from their devious agenda.

“Part of the plot is to discredit INEC’s new election guidelines which include simultaneous accreditation and voting, and which also barred collation officers from making or receiving calls on Election Days.

“The same style was successfully test run in all by-elections in recent months including those won by PDP candidates, but the party did not see anything wrong with it until the Commission insisted that it will be used during the next election,” the group said.

BMO noted that PDP is also working on infiltrating INEC by embedding its supporters among ad hoc electoral officials as part of its rigging plan.

The group therefore placed Nigerians on notice that they should be at alert and not allow PDP elements at all levels to subvert the will of the electorate.

BMO hinted on the need for the election management body to properly scrutinise ad hoc staff to be recruited for election day duty and pay more attention to its officials in the run up to the Feb. 16, election.

“This is because PDP, a party that is known for electoral manipulation, and which has a lot of dirty schemes in its kitty to rig the process in favour of its candidate, needs to be put under close surveillance,” it said.

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