How Atiku plans to create 3 million jobs annually

Ahead of its formal launch, we were able to get a sneak preview of PDP Presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar’s policy document.

In it, he gives details of how if elected, he plans to create 3 million jobs annually. The former Vice President had at various times touted his job creation capacity.

Job creation

The Atiku government, if elected, aims to create 3 million jobs annually through four pathways:

The Informal Sector Pathway to jobs

Relaunch the National Open Apprenticeship Programme (NOAP) with a special focus on young men and women who may not have had the opportunity to attend school or complete basic education.

This programme will recruit 100,000 Master Crafts Persons (MCPs) annually who will train 1,000,000 apprentices in various trades.

The School to Jobs Pathway

Support the formal TVET system and reposition the technical colleges and vocational skills acquisition centres to produce skills and competencies for innovation and the creation of new ideas and products inside enterprises from where future jobs and future prosperity will be delivered.

The Entrepreneurship Pathway

  • Speedy passage of the National Research and Innovation Fund Bill.
  • Grants, loans or equity investments in small enterprises shall be provided either as start-up capital or to scale up innovations.
  • Introduce, and actively promote a Graduate Trainee Internship Programme (GTI).
  • Improve the technical and financial capacity of the Industrial Training Fund (ITF).

MSME /ICT Special Entrepreneurship Pathway

  • Prioritise support to the MSMEs across all the economic sectors.
  • Facilitate the establishment of the SME Venture Capital Fund by the private sector.
  • Facilitate the establishment of the Financial Innovation Fund.
  • Provide special focus on the ICT sector and aggressively market Nigeria as an outsourcing destination.
  • Actively promote “Nollywood” and “Kannywood”.
  • Develop sports and sporting facilities.
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