He Was Really Happy – Mike Tyson Recounts Tupac Shakur’s Final Moments

Legendary boxing champion, Mike Tyson has recounted the last moments of rap legend, Tupac Shakur in 1996.  Mike Tyson, former professional American boxer, says Tupac Shakur, late rapper, was really happy on the night he was shot.
Speaking on a radio show on Thursday, Tyson said he was with Tupac on the night he was killed. According to Tyson, they were great friends and Tupac was his VIP guest the night he fought Bruce Seldon on September 7, 1996, at the MGM Grand in Vegas. Tyson says Tupac was in great spirits during their last interaction at the post-fight press conference.
“He was really happy after the fight. He came to the press conference with me and was just talking a bunch of shit. Then, I went home and then he left.”
Tyson said he was at home asleep when he got the call about Tupac being shot. He went to the hospital but was not allowed to see the rapper.
“It’s very difficult to talk about. He was a young kid that really wanted to be great and that happened,” he said.
Tupac was shot four times while leaving the fight in Vegas by an unknown gunman; he died six days later.
The murder case was officially unsolved.

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