Globacom to expand 4G capacity in Nigeria

Nigeria’s second national carrier, Globacom will devote several billions into the expansion of its network in the country.

Nairametrics had reported that the Mike Adenuga-led company gained 2 million new subscribers more than any other network in the telecoms sector last year.

Growth is the driver

Group Chief Technical Director of Globacom, Sanjib Roy, stated that the expansion was in order to accommodate increasing traffic on the network.

“activation is looking up, traffic into the network is going up and consumption is up,” he said.

Adding that the Glo 1 submarine cable capacity has been upgraded to 300G all the way From Lagos to the UK, giving huge bandwidth for mobile and Enterprise business.

“and all these have been possible because of quick supply and fast and effective deployment,” he stated.

Details of the expansion 

The company had deployed more than 2,000 new generators and 6,000 new batteries for seamless connection, while site distribution of fuelling contractors has been streamlined, thereby removing all obstacles to BTS site operations.

Also, the Group Chief Technical Director said the aforementioned activities by Glo had led to better availability of the network, adding that work was on-going on more than 1000km of fiber route where road construction had affected the fiber cabling.

The company deployed high wattage Radio Remote Units (RRU) for 3G services and the multi-sector antenna has been concluded for better 3G indoor coverage, high-speed data download, signal quality, and network coverage to further deepen data network quality for subscribers.

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4G Expansion in the works

Roy said feedback and customer complaints prompts the activities of the telecommunication, adding that Glo still intends to increase the company’s 4G LTE penetration.

“more than 400 sites are in the process of rollout based on field feedback. we are also planning to rollout lte in 1800 band this year in major cities to increase our 4g lte penetration and allow higher handset adoption to enable and empower the masses to harness the future.

The telco will also launch new enterprise products to cater to the needs of SMEs and rural areas to create the digital environment to empower business growth in Nigeria is also in the works.

Source: Nairametrics

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