GidiTraffic has launched a ride sharing app called “GidiCab”

Owners of Nigeria’s social media twitter handle, GidiTraffic, has announced the introduction of a ride-sharing application known as GidiCab. The newly-launched transportation business, GidiCab will be competing with the likes of UberTaxify, and OgaTaxi.

According to the company, the E-hailing Cab service GidiCab was “created to help you move around with ease”. GidiCab works by connecting passengers with drivers via the mobile app.

What’s Gidicab

  • The features: GidiCab claims the app allows its customers to not only order cabs via its mobile app, but users can also top op via its waller system in addition to using debit cards. The wallet system basically allows riders to use the cab without always having to worry about topping up their debit cards.
  • What else? The company also claims with its app users can ride even if they don’t have cash on their debit cards or if their wallets are empty. Thus, riding on credit. They also claim to offer discounted rates to “favourite” destinations of their riders provided the locations are tagged “homezone”. Eg Cinemas. Cinemas are one of GidiCab’s registered homezones, so if you’re riding Gidicab from any cinema in Lagos, you get a discount.” the company explains, in a press release sent to Nairametrics.
  • In a nutshell – With features like Live Billing, Wallet Pay, Trip Borrowing, Insane Discounts on Favorite Destinations, GidiCab claims it “is on a mission to simplify your everyday trips.”

Pivoting into ride sharing

  • New income stream: Ever since Gidi Traffic burst into the scene as a veritable source for navigating through traffic gridlock in Nigeria, the service has since veered into helping its followers locate shops, service providers and just about anything requiring direction or recommendation.
  • However, with the widespread adoption of Google’s map services, users now rely more on GPS technology to beat traffic. There are also other useful applications that provide location services and perhaps more reliable than the ubiquitous Gidi Traffic. Gidi Traffic relied mostly on advertising revenue as an influencer to earn revenue. Pivoting into ride sharing, therefore, provides the owners with a new income stream that is less reliant on advertising.

Competitive space

  • Ride Sharing industry is still fairly nascent in Nigeria however it is revealing to be a very highly competitive space. Apart from Uber, Taxify and OgaTaxi, the company will also have to compete with “okada” riding applications such as Gokada and Max.
  • Gidicab claims to offer huge discount and cheaper pricing and believes this could sway riders, as well as drivers, its way.
  • Leveraging on GidiTraffic – Relying mostly on GidiTraffic’s social media handle, GidiCab service could employ crowdsourcing as its primary means of providing real-time traffic updates to subscribers on its platform. The service affords its users access to various types of traffic information. 

Source: Nairametrics

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