Fresh out of YCombinator, CowryWise launches iOS app

Fresh out of YCombinator, CowryWise, one of the 11 Nigerian companies that have successfully gone through the program, has launched its iOS app.

According to the statement from the fintech company:

“At the start of our journey as an investment platform for African millennial, we set out with a goal to drive financial freedom by democratizing access to wealth management tools, so as to help more people take charge of their personal finance. This goal has been the bedrock of all decisions we have made so far as a firm and has continually kept us focused on providing an inclusive service. Hence, we considered it a big deal when users of Cowrywise expressed their desire to access our services from the comfort of their phones. With the rising number of smart phone users in Nigeria, we knew we had to put the CowryWise app on their phones by all means.”


With this iOS launch, the company prides itself with four key service channels: Android, iOS app, web app and Facebook ChatBot called Sisi.

The launch of the iOS app is more than just putting an app out there to us. It is about sustaining the progress of an inclusive journey that will see to the building of Africa’s path to sustainable savings and investments. Now that we are done with this stage of the journey, we look forward to churning out more product features that will assist with your individual quests to build wealth.

Every channel we launch has been done in response to customer demand. We launched the Android app first and it enjoyed massive acceptance from existing and new users. Despite the successful launch of our Android app, we knew the journey was not complete as we still had iOS users to serve.

The acceptance level to the iOS app has been remarkable with these customer reactions on Twitter being our top three:

You can download the app here, or invite an iOS friend to try it out, and also share what you love about the app using #CowrywiseFam on any social media platform.

In a similar development, CowryWise is also expanding its engineering team. It announced an opening for Senior Software Engineer. 


Source: Nairametric

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