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Federal Govt. Urged To Reinstate Whistleblower To His Job

African Centre for Media and Information Literacy (AFRICMIL) has urged the Federal Government to reinstate a whistleblower to his job, saying it was government’s obligation to him. Coordinator of the Centre, Mr Chidi Onuma, told newsmen that the whistleblower, Murtala Ibrahim, was sacked at the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN) for uncovering a scam at the bank.

Onuma said that the case of Ibrahim, who was an auditor in the bank was one case too many of Nigerians suffering reprisals for blowing the whistle in their places of work. He said that though the policy had only fared for about one year, a lot needed to be done in terms of the protection of whistleblowers and passage of the Bill on it.

“People are worried that whistleblowers don’t have adequate protection, not necessarily protection in terms of their lives, but also loss of jobs.

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