Ex-petroleum minister wants IPMAN licenses revoked

A former Minister of Petroleum, Alhaji Umaru Dembo, on Tuesday advocated for revocation of licences granted members of Independent Marketers’ Association of Nigeria (IPMAN) to end fuel scarcity in the country. The ex-minister said the appeal became imperative in view of the hardship bestowed on Nigerians by IPMAN towards the end of 2017 through 2018. Dembo, who served as a petroleum minister during the reign of late Gen. Sani Abacha, made the call in an interview in Zaria, Kaduna State. According to him, the solution to the lingering fuel scarcity in Nigeria is for the Federal Government to resort to stick approach against the erring independent marketers.

“Remember, government is working for the interest of generality not few, however, majority of Nigerians are suffering at the expense of few, who exploit the opportunity to their advantage. “Therefore, stick approach is the best answer to this problem, government needs to treat IPMAN with an iron hand, revoke their licenses and re-introduce major marketers again. “Anybody willing to continue with fuel business should be directed to register with a major marketer; this will give government a level of control over the business.

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Author: see naija

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