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Do not give in to lies of the opposition – Gov. Emmanuel urges Akwa Ibom people

The Akwa Ibom state Governor, Mr Udom Emmanuel has urged the people of the state to be wary of the campaigns of the opposition party in the state, the All Progressives Congress APC, which be claimed were shrouded with lies and falsehood.

Emmanuel stated this on Wednesday at the Ibom Hall grounds Uyo during the 2019 Solemn Assembly organised by the State Government with the theme, “You are God, You alone.”

According to him, “I urge you our dear Akwaibomites, not to give in to lies of certain individuals who when they had the opportunity to establish industries in this State did nothing, but to erect white elephant projects and monuments.”

Obviously referring to his predecessor, Senator Akpabio,
Gov. Emmanuel said, “The same people who had promised you 31 industries in 31 local government areas but could not establish even a pure water making factory are back together, promising you heaven on earth. Do not believe them!

“We came here and promised you industrialization, we have fulfilled that promise. We have as of today, 15 industries, verifiable industries in this State, we promised you quality education for our children, we have fulfilled that promise, we promised you quality healthcare, we have done exactly that, we promised you an improvement in our agricultural output so we can feed our people, we have done that, we promised you improved electricity, you are all witnesses to this undeniable fact that our electricity has improved.

“Let us therefore, say no to agents of blackmail and lies. Let us reject those who have refused to see the good things we are doling to take our State to a higher level of development. This year will be one of continuous prosperity, of peace, of unity, of oneness and of rejection of every known instrument of division in our Land. It will be a year of wholesome repudiation of violence and of the plans of those who want to sell our commonwealth to the highest bidders without regards to our collective welfare or those of our children.”

He said the land was named after God, “Akwa Abasi Ibom State” and only Him dictates, arranges, manages, defines and shapes what happens in the state.

“No instrument of man can change the course of God’s plans for our State and our people, no devices of man or the naysayers, their lies, their much vaunted Warsaw saw war battle cry, their promise to deploy Federal might to forcefully take over our State, will stand.

“My dear Akwaibomites, it is shameful that our so-called leaders can sit and cut deals to mortgage the future of Akwa Ibom State and imperil the future of our children just to gain power and they have the audacity to come and tell you they are working to protect your interest.

“For some time now, men, I mean mere mortals have told you they alone can determine the course of your destiny, they have told you they alone have the answers to your problems; they have told you that if you fail to follow their laid down rules or travel the path they have charted for you, that they will visit violence on you and your children.

“​Let me pause and ask you a few questions: Do they know that the children they want to use to unleash their planned violence on you are your children? Do you know that their children are all living in the best parts of the world, attending the best schools, living in the choicest parts of major cities in the world, yet they want to use your children to unleash violence on you?” He queried.

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