Could This Be The Actress With The Biggest Bum In Nollywood? (Photos)

When you are talking about the woman with the biggest mammary glands in Nollywood, nobody dares to contest it with Cossy Ojiakor but in a backside competition, Anita Joseph remains number one. 
Singer, model and actress, Anita Joseph has the kind of daring curves that could make a male suicide bomber change his mind in the course of a plotted attack.
The ‘born-again’ celebrity might not be the most beautiful or talented screen figure in the country but her banging shape could overshadow her colleagues even if the camera lens is briefly beamed on her for a few seconds.
Anita Joseph was once invited by an American to take part in an adult movie which she abruptly turned down. This is not far from her frontal endowment which is perfectly balanced by the trunk behind her. When she twerked on Instagram, the video clip immediately went viral like the news of a President’s death.
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Author: see naija

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