Chris Brown Sparks Outrage

Chris Brown has found himself landing in hot water for buying her 3-year-old daughter Royalty a baby marmoset. On Wednesday, December 6, the “Forever” hitmaker shared on Instagram a video of the little girl cradling her brand new pet. While the clip was considered “cute” by many, several others blasted the 28-year-old dad for taking away the baby monkey from its mother.

One Instagram user took to the comment section to say, “You clearly have no heart (or brain) to do something so cruel to an animal!” The commenter continued, “They belong in the wild!” before urging the R’n’B star to “rescue her a puppy she will be just as happy!”

“What an idiot!” another slammed the singer. “This is animal abuse! Don’t you know that monkeys can get very aggressive when they are kept to long in captivity? What an excellent gift for a child this is…” Another user agreed, writing, “You’re an idiot dude! Cruel, cruel, cruel!”

“You so stupid! They belong in the wild not in a house with celebs who think its funny to have a monkey! [Buy] her a puppy men!” one other similarly commented. “So sad this baby monkey should be with its mother,” another said.

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