Chichi Igbo Narrates Market Women’s Reaction When They Saw Her

Former Super Falcons player, Chichi Igbo has claimed that a certain market woman in Abuja took to her heel when she stopped at her stall to buy yam.

In a video she posted on Instagram, she mentioned that after running, the other woman she went to agreed to sell to her but refused to accept cash from her.

She wrote:

“I’m speechless, I mean crawl back into your caves if you don’t want to be civilized. It was like something from a nollywood movie straight. So my sis was pricing yam and immediately I walked to her, this lady she was negotiating price with just breezed off, screaming “blood of Jesus, Holy Ghost fire”!

Another lady now decided to sell for us but wouldn’t collect money after we agreed on a price, then noticed this older lady screaming in their dialect, “don’t collect that money oo and the rest of the ladies speaking same dialect joined in and I’m there like, Where ami�?”

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