Chiburuoma and Chimamma @ 10

Twins basically means double the trouble, double the fun and twice everything that you ever get from a child.
Having twins is definitely wonderful  especially if they look alike.
For those who have twins as their children, or friend or beloved, then one of the hardest thing would be to guess who is who, in this case, it is also possible to just go greet them at the same time so that you can never be wrong.please join the family of Mr and Mrs Promise Emenike(jp) as they celebrate their kids Chiburuoma & Chimamma @ 10            

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5 Replies to “Chiburuoma and Chimamma @ 10

  1. Happy Birthday my sweet Beautiful girls
    Is lovely to have kids as twins, now I admire…… And love to have a set too✌️🥂🍾
    Once again Happy Birthday

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