A Split-Type Keyboard For Better Gaming Ergonomics

There’s no shortage of gaming keyboards aimed at everyone from home-bound gamers to traveling e-sports pros alike. While they come with different switches, lighting, and various fancy elements, they all tend to come in the exact same single-piece traditional layout. The Dygma Raise wants to change that. Billed as “an ergonomic keyboard for e-sports,” the […]

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2019 Lamborghini Urus: Finally, The Raging Bull’s SUV Is Here

It was five years ago when Lamborghini first unveiled a luxury performance SUV called the Urus. And, well, it had people pretty excited. Until, of course, half a decade passed and nothing followed the concept reveal. That changes now with the official announcement of the 2019 Lamborghini Urus. That’s right, the marque behind some of the fastest […]


Transparent Peelable Paint That Can Protect Furniture From Nicks And Scratches

You know how we cover our gadgets with screen protectors to keep the display from accumulating nicks and scratches over time? Well, some people like having the same protection for expensive items in their home. You know, those antique cabinets, marble counters, and all that. Since covering furniture and fixtures with plastic is just tacky, […]