Canada’s 2018 population growth was consisted of 61% immigrants

In 2018, Canada’s population grew by over half a million people (528,421 people), with immigration accounting for about 61 percent of the recorded growth.

A total number of 321,065 people emigrated to the North American country in search of greener pastures. This ultimately caused the country’s total population to reach 37,314,442 last year.

Note that Canada’s immigration numbers surpassed natural growth numbers (births minus deaths) last year. Specifically, Canada’s natural population growth rate in 2018 stood at 103,176.

A breakdown of the population growth

Temporary residents were also documented – According to a report by Statistics Canada, international immigration accounted for 80.5 percent of Canada’s population growth last year. A total of 425,245 visitors were documented. But not all the visitors were to become permanent residents. Instead, some were temporary residents.

Who are Canada’s temporary residents? – These are documented immigrants who have legal backing to visit and stay in Canada for a specified period of time. They include holidaymakers, students, and even people working temporary jobs.

Canada has very strict migration rules

Focus on the economy – Canada has one of the most systematic and selective emigration processes in the world. And this is because of the country’s determination to only welcome people who will add value to the Canadian economy.

Canada’s Express Entry Selection process – Four years ago (in 2015), the Canadian Government introduced its Express Entry selection system, which specifies that only candidates that meet the country’s labour market needs can be considered for permanent residency.

This process is helping the country to not only grow its population, but also select highly-skilled individuals that will bring value.

Why are people trooping to Canada?

Many people from around the world are interested in emigrating to Canada because of its strong economy and employment prospects. Nigerians are especially interested in going to this country. And that is why a recent article by Nairametrics explained how Nigerians can apply for Canadian Permanent Residency, all on their own.

Source: Nairametrics

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