Boko Haram: Stop ISWAP from killing all Nigerians – SHAC cries out to world leaders

A group, Save Humanity Advocacy Centre, SHAC, has called on the international community to rise against the killings of innocent Nigerians by Islamic State of West African Province, ISWAP, around the Lake Chad Basin Region.

SHAC, which made this call on Saturday, said world leaders must act fast to curb the activities of the terrorists around the Lake Chad Basin and the consequent risk these have posed to harmless women and children around the volatile region.

The Executive Director of the Group, Grace Akatu, while addressing a press conference on Saturday, said activities of ISWAP around the Lake Chad Basin region were sources of concern given the way and manner they have continued to maim, harass and kill innocent people; mainly women and children.

The group, therefore, called for urgent intervention from countries around the world to join forces with the Nigerian authorities in combating the menace of ISWAP around the Lake Chad basin.

The group added, “The activities of ISWAP has constituted an enormous threat to the economies of countries around the Lake Chad basin such Cameroon, Niger, and Chad, hence the need for urgent intervention in a bid to address the menace that activities of ISWAP have posed in the Lake Chad Basin region.

“The Nigerian Authorities cannot address the ISWAP challenge alone; it consequently behooves on all well-meaning countries to join forces with Nigeria in confronting this terrorist organization.

“The Save Humanity Advocacy Centre believes that if the activities of ISWAP are not curtailed, peace and meaningful development might elude the countries in the Lake Chad Basin region and beyond.

“The atrocities committed by ISWAP in the region are unimaginable and should be of great concern to lovers of peace and sustainable development around the world.

“The Save Humanity Advocacy Centre consequently calls on all the countries in the world to see the threat posed by ISWAP as a global threat rather than a regional threat because of the support it enjoys from international terrorist networks around the world.

“The Save Humanity Advocacy Centre also calls of international humanitarian organizations such as the United Nations and its affiliates to rise to this challenge posed by ISWAP in a bid to ensure that the world is a better place and women and children are protected from harm.

“The Save Humanity Advocacy Centre reiterates that the efforts of the Nigerian Authorities must be complemented in a bid to rid ISWAP out of the Lake Chad Basin region in the overall interest of peace.

“We consequently believe that the urgency of now requires that all the necessary support the world can avail Nigeria should be given in the quest to defeat terrorism in Nigeria, as well as the Lake Chad Basin region. The world must indeed act fast.”

Source: Daily Post

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