Black Eyed Peas Unveils Music Video

Black Eyed Peas is back! After several years with no new music, the four-piece group has returned by releasing a surprise track “Street Livin” as well as its music video. Stacy Ferguson a.k.a Fergie, unfortunately, doesn’t take part on the song as she is currently taking a break from the group to promote her solo album ” Double Dutchess “.

The black-and-white visuals finds the members’ mouths being superimposed over images of prisoners, protestors and immigrants. The song itself revolves around social issues like police brutality and gun violence. “They derailed the soul train and put a nightmare into every Marthin Luther King,” raps. “And private complexes are owned by the same slave masters that owned the slave trade game.” The song ends with the lyric, “You can get f***ed by the system, or you can say f**k the system.”

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