Ben Affleck Refuse to Return as Batman After ‘Flashpoint’

It looks like Ben Affleck will no longer play Batman after appearing in The Flash solo film. According to a new report from Variety , the 45-year-old actor might don the cape and mask once more for “Flashpoint “, which will be based on the popular 2011 Flashpoint comic storyline. But he is unlikely to reprise the role in Matt Reeves’ movie.

The interesting details about Affleck’s future as Batman are included toward the end of the outlet’s report about how Warner Bros. is restructuring DC Films following the poor performance of ” Justice League”. Sources tell the site that director Reeves wants to cast the Dark Knight role with “fresh talent.”

Previous report suggested that Reeves had been meeting with potential Batman actors recently, including Jake Gyllenhaal , for the upcoming stand-alone flick. However, Warner Bros. has yet to officially release a statement regarding the matter.

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