Beautiful Actress Reveals What Happened When She Had To Kiss A Guy With Bad Breath In A Movie

A Nigerian actress, Oyebade Adebimpe, has spoken out about her acting experiences including the one time she had to kiss a guy with bad breath in a movie.  Oyebade Adebimpe is an up-and-coming actress and a professional model who is gradually shooting into limelight. In this interview with Ghaniyah Olowoyo, she revealed how lucrative her modelling work is and more.
How did the idea of acting start?
Acting has always been something I’ve always wanted to do. I started by joining a drama group in my school, in my primary school, I acted during end of the year parties. In secondary school, I did the same thing. My mates used to call me drama queen, I was known to be funny and I loved to play everywhere in school. People do tell to consider acting as a proffesion because they felt my talent should not go to waste. So it has always been there, it didn’t just start. I started acting professionally three years ago.
What was the reaction of your parents to your choice of career?
My mum has always been in support of everything. Back in primary school, I won a medal; my mum was totally happy and proud but my dad was very against it. In secondary school, I won the same thing and my mum was happy. She said she had also wanted to act too when she was young but her parents didn’t allow her. So, me doing this is like living a dream for her and she’s totally happy. But my dad had never been in support. My brother is my number one fan, he’d google acting classes, pay for them and enrol me. My family are just so amazing.
How has the journey been for you?
It has not been easy but God has been faithful. There are lots of upcoming acts everywhere, talented people everywhere. It just makes me realise that I have to bring something new to the table, I have to do something extraordinary because there are lots of talented people out there. The journey has not been easy.
What are the things you do outside acting?
My first degree was in accounting even though that wasn’t what I wanted to do. My dad wanted me to study accounting, so I did. When he passed away two years ago, I felt I could do what I’d always wanted, so I went back to University of Lagos to study mass communication. Aside that, I run an online store.
How do you handle advances from men?
Advances from men are normal, even outside the acting world. It’s everywhere. I handle it the same way I’ve always done even before I started acting. It’s normal to get lots of advances – actors, producers, directors, it happens; let’s just say I know how to bedazzle everybody.
How many movies have you featured in so far?
I wish I know the exact number. My first job professionally was a TV series titled, Casino. It was shot in Ibadan by MicroMedia Productions, three years ago. I did another TV series after that. Let’s just say I’ve featured in about 10 movies, if not more, but I’ve not produced any movie of my own. We’re preparing for that. Now that I’m preparing to be a producer, I realise it’s not easy. Trying to get everybody on ground, make them see your vision, the expenses, it’s not easy.
You appear like a very private person, why is that?
Well, you could say that. People in the industry know me as Mo_Bewa, that’s what they call me. Once you mention Mo_Bewa to anybody, they will tell you, oh that girl is nice, she’s funny, this and that. When I am on set, I play with everybody, I respect my senior colleagues, I respect everyone. Once I am off set, I go back into my shell. Contrary to public opinion, I am actually a shy person but my job doesn’t allow me to be shy. Once I’m on set, I get into the role and when I’m off, I withdraw into my shell. I don’t have any friends in the industry. I just like to do my things and go back home. Growing up, I didn’t have much friends, I don’t go to parties and I can’t start now. I am trying to adjust but it’s just not me.
Who do you look up to in the industry?
Her name is Ruth Kadiri. Oh my God, I literally pray to God everyday that I can’t wait to work with her. She’s amazing! People look at me like, oh really? Ruth Kadiri of all people? I just love her, the way she interprets her role, everything about Ruth Kadiri to me is right.
Are you in any relationship?
No. I’m not seeing anybody. Honestly, I was seeing someone until last year. A five-year-old relationship just crashed like that. It’s not been easy getting back on my feet and say I want to find love again. That’s the last thing on my mind now. I just want to be successful at what I do. Love will come later.
What’s the funniest experience you’ve had while acting?
I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say this but the funniest was when I got a lead role to play a young mother and a wife. The actor on set with me, oh my God, the guy had bad breath! I had to keep kissing him in every scene, from the beginning of the movie till the end. I couldn’t say anything to anybody. It was very hard but it’s a job, I had to do it. I had to tell the director at some point that ‘can I just not kiss’ but nobody was listening so I had to endure because I didn’t want him to feel bad.
What’s the most embarrassing thing a fan did to you?
The most embarrassing experience was when a guy sent me his nudes. I get a lot of that on social media and it’s annoying.
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