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Atiku: Buhari under fire for saying dollars was shared at PDP primary

President Muhammadu Buhari has come under attack from some Nigerians for claiming that dollars were shared at the PDP national convention in Port Harcourt.

Buhari had while speaking on the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential primaries, stated that most Nigerian politicians were materialistic in nature. He was quoted as saying, “The question of religion and ethnicity is fraudulent. Some people are not sincere they don’t mean what they say.
“I’m telling you and some of you know during my primary (in 2015) my opponents said naira had finished and people were given dollars.

“Even in their late primaries recently dollars were being given, nobody takes naira. “Really, it’s materialism that we will fight to make sure that we stabilize every level and do justice to our country.” However, reacting to the President’s postulation, some Nigerians on social media, expressed divergent opinions. 

Below are some comments  on the issue from Facebook.

Kehinde Osineye, ” Even if Atiku shares the whole Nigerian treasury, we’ll vote him. He has more integrity than a scam, lifeless cow.”

Jimoh Oladele, ”Vote buying starting during Buhari’s regime, Edo,Ondo,Ekiti and Osun states respectively is that not corruption.

Abubakar Ibrahim, “Buhari have nothing to offer other than lamentations,the level of criticisms is the same before and after he assumed office as a President,it would be the same thing if he eventually won the second term.Nigerians are tired of this excuses,what they are after is service delivery.”

Dedejavu Desmond, “It’s almost 4 years now that you’ve assume office it’s this same complain and blame game you have been doing before you won the election 2015 you are still doing even after spending over 3 years in office. Get something done and stop crying like a baby 2015 when you contested with other powerful aspirants didn’t you spend money during primary? Do some work and stop beating about the Bush, Integrity my foot

Ngozi Gloru Mbah, ”Atiku shared dollars, show us proof , till now we have not seen evidence. Buhari that 14million people voted for and were counted in less than 12 hours is the one that did not share dollars.”

Davids Mactony, ”This man is shameless and frustrated. The people he won in the primary have congratulated him and non of them complained of irregularities.”

Francis Joeseph, ” Buhari, do you remember that both local and foreign currencies were deployed to your advantage during presidential primaries where you emerged as APC flag bearer and the 2015 general election?”

Chris John, ”Buhari and APC were surprised after the PDP primaries because they thought all the aspirants were going to leave the party but confused as they are waxing up strong in their togetherness.”

Source: Daily Post
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