Arsenal 2019/20 home kit: Do leaked images reveal new shirt?

rsenal fans are undecided about next season’s possible home kit after a new leak showed what their 2019/20 effort could look like.

The Gunners are about to start their partnership with adidas, who have previously manufactured their clobber in the 1980s and it might be a successful one.

A return of their famous ‘bruised banana’ away shirt has been mooted and is set to get nostalgic supporters snapping up shirts and they’re likely to see plenty of home kits fly off the shelves too.

One, reportedly fake, strip did the rounds online a couple of weeks back but now a new design has emerged and it’s got a classy vibe.

The red is the usual colour but has a pinstripe spread out across the jersey and has white sleeves too, appeasing the traditionalists.

The adidas stripes don’t look the best quality though, which raises questions over its authenticity.

Next seasons Arsenal Jersey  @SheWore

— Pierce Hughes (@PierceHughes18) March 15, 2019

Closer look

— Pierce Hughes (@PierceHughes18) March 15, 2019

Whether they’re the real deal or not, all this kit talks has got us excited about next season already but what did supporters have to say about it? Find out below.

I actually love these

— /2/  (@FtblDeclan) March 15, 2019

Looks so basic.

— Anu  (@anurayz) March 15, 2019

Was all up and anxious, but kinda disappointed seeing this

— Spirit One (@Fuhrergeorge2) March 16, 2019

These are smokin’

— clockender (@Block13Gooner) March 15, 2019

Take my Money…. NOW

— João HenRique Alves (@RiqueAlves78) March 15, 2019

Rubbish like baryern

— struggles (@gentle_nelson) March 15, 2019

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