Ali Baba Lays Curses On ‘Yahoo Boys’ Who Pop Champagne With Other People’s Money

Ali Baba, one of the most successful Nigerian comedians, has attacked scammers who ruin people’s lives by stealing their money. The comedian shared the sad story of a poor woman who was scammed recently. The woman was revealed to be a struggling lady who works hard everyday to work, care for her children and pay her bills.  Some scammers called her number and made her disclose her bank details before defrauding her of her money. Now, the woman is distraught. 

 Reacting to the story, Ali Baba expressed his displeasure at scammers and laid curses on them and their supporters. He wrote: “Stealing from hustlers, now makes you a smart guy. You then take the money, go buy clothes, pop champagne, buy bling bling and drugs. “When someone says it’s wrong, you have the guts to be defending them. For any of you who defends these thieves, you will never end well. Go and write it down. Shebi we all are in Nigeria.”

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