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Akpabio not liability to APC – Presidency

The Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to President Muhammadu Buhari on National Assembly matters, Senator Ita Solomon Enang has said that Senator Godswill Apkapbio is not a liability to the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Answering question from DAILY POST in Calabar, Senator Enang said “Senator Akpabio is not a liability to APC but an asset.

“He was an asset to PDP and he was what we could call the certificate of registration for PDP. APC has worked very hard to capture him.

“Considering his pedigree, considering his nationalistic posture and then we approached him and when we approached him as APC, we went and found in him; he has already had in him a lot of democratic nationalistic credentials and willing to work for the survival of Nigeria and the country.”

According to him, Senator Akpabio is not somebody interested in parochial interest.

“Akpabio is an asset to the federal government and asset to the APC, we urged other political parties to cry less,” he said.

On security situation in Nigeria, the SSA regretted the killings in the country, but urged Nigerians to support the federal government to reduce the situation in the country.

“We are not in any manner celebrating the situation, what we are doing is to draw attention to the problem, but for us as a government, we are not also to give excuses, we are telling Nigerians we are addressing it.

“As we are addressing the killings, they are coming out from different directions. Why people voted us was for us to see that this matter was given proper attention and the situation is calm now.

“You see what the federal government is doing in Zamfara, the deployment of air force, deployment of ground force in Yobe, Adamawa, Borno and the civil forces in Taraba, Plateau, Benue and the comprehensive security coverage in Zamfara,” he stressed.

Senator Enang called on Nigerians to have confidence in President Buhari and bring suggestion on how to curb the situation.

“It is not only federal government alone, the state governments have to play their parts because these killings are happening in different parts of the states of the federation.

“States governments should do their own part to make sure that this situation is addressed in their best ability and not to keep appointing accusing fingers on the federal government,” he added.

On his continuous silence over the invasion of Senate by operatives of DSS, Senator Enang said “My job as a liaison officer is to make sure that you bring both arms together.

“What you know, you speak less and act more, so what I have been doing is working more and speak less because if I speak, it could inflame the already battered situation, but if I work, it could calm the situation

“I am happy that for now the National Assembly leadership has agreed that they will seat and consider the request of Mr President in terms of appointment and the budget of INEC and security agencies.

“Assuming I spoke, the situation would have been worse, one word or so would been misinterpreted by the either side and we wouldn’t have had the agreement we now had,” he said.

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