Actress Makafui’s New Boyfriend Shows Off His Fleet Of Cars After Sugar Daddy Seized Hers

Rapper Medikal has expressed his financial capability to replace the luxury cars which have been seized from actress, Fella Makafui. 
Since the video of Fella Makafui’s alleged sugar daddy taking away her two cars popped up online, the actress has been mocked on social media.
In the video released, one can see some thugs seizing Fella Makafui’s newly acquired Ford Mustang and Range Rover.
One of the thugs was heard saying that they have come for the cars and that Fella should go to her new love interest, rapper Medikal to buy her new ones.
Fella’s new boyfriend, Medikal now has just the perfect reply to the guys, and he has done so by showing off his cars.
While sharing this photo on his story, he wrote; “Don’t let social media fool you! All the hungry spiders are on the web ”
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Author: see naija

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