Make a Living as a Blogger

If you’ve ever wondered if you can make a living blogging then you’ve no doubt wondered how hard it might be too.  Truth be told, blogging isn’t that hard 

If you have the skill set and personality for the job.”

Should you pursue blogging or should you take a pass? How hard is it and do you have what it takes to be successful?

First, there is no one right answer here.  Many factors go into whether or not you’d be right for the blogging world and how much money you can make.

Some people start a blog and are overnight superstars.  For most of us, that’s not the case but that doesn’t mean you can’t make great money as you work your way up to those incredible numbers the incredible superstars are making on monthly bases.

I currently make a part-time income blogging. You also can go into a full time or part time and make some extra-income if you wish too.

Am going to be taking you through some skills you need to develop to be successful below.

Skills Needed To Become a Successful Blogger

Bloggers come from all walks of life.  Some were school teachers, lawyers, stay at home moms, and even fitness gurus.  And most if not all had no prior experience as writers or journalists.  They just had a desire to share their knowledge and expertise with others.

So what skills are necessary?

  1. Knowledge of a Subject Others Want To Learn

All the successful blogs out there 

Teach something to others that others want to learn. 

Sure you can start a blog on weight loss, but if no one is interested in learning how to lose weight, you’ll pretty much have no audience.

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to be an “expert” per say, although if your blog is successful, it will help to promote your credibility and make you an expert over time, it does mean you need to know more about a subject matter than the audience who is reading your work.


  1. Ability to Write Authentically

You should be able to write and convey your thoughts from the heart.  If you sound passionless, or like you’re writing a term paper, no one will want to come back and read more.

  1. Be Passionate About the Topic You Want To Write About

Knowledge is great but passion, that comes through in your writing is the secret sauce.  Here’s the thing – you can’t write well about a topic you’re not passionate about.  It doesn’t work.  When you have a blog, 

You’re writing three to four times a week 

About the things that matter most to you and your readers.  It can get easy to not want to write at all if you don’t have a deep passion for your topic.

When that happens your readers will see you don’t care and will leave in droves


  1. Love to Write

You need to love to write. If you don’t, the task will soon lose its appeal and your blog will be dead.


Skills needed to have a Profitable Blog


We’ve identified the skills needed to be a successful blogger, but those skills alone won’t necessarily mean you’ll make a great living.  I know lots of bloggers who write way better than I do and with more wit and skill and aren’t making as much as I make.  You need other skills too.

Being able to understand how marketing works is extremely beneficial if you want to be earning a full-time living blogging.

So, you can make money from blogging if you:

  • Have the skills needed to be a successful blogger.
  • Have or can learn the skills needed to have a profitable blog.
  • Have the time to spend at a minimum of ten hours a week blogging with the goal of increasing those hours as you grow your blog into a full-time business.
  • Are willing to invest and reinvest resources back into your blog so you can get the training, tools and help you need.

If you find yourself shaking your head yes after reading those four bullet points then you have the drive and commitment to make blogging work for you.


So then, how much money can you make blogging?

First, you need to decide what your particular threshold is for full-time income

And so, Why Is It So Hard To Make A Living Blogging?

Blogging is a business and not everyone has the skill set they need to be successful.  Most bloggers I know flounder around wondering what to do and how to do it.  They are resistant to learn what they need to in order to be successful and start earning an income from their work.

How do you expect to be successful if you don’t learn the system and how to make your blog profitable?

Would you open a hair salon without training?  Then you shouldn’t expect to have your blog go live without first learning how to make it the best blog out there.

When I first started blogging I thought all I had to do was hit publish, Facebook and wait for the magic to happen.  But, I was wrong!

I finally realized I needed help and that there must be a system out there to help someone like me. And I got the needed knowledge today. Before we proceed further 


Hear this!!!!!

But first a word about you and your current job….

People ask me all the time if blogging is hard.  Here’s the long and short of it.


Yes, but not as hard as your current job.

Will blogging be easy?

No, it won’t, but it will never be as hard as your old job with all that comes with it.  And, if you meet those four requirements above it will never feel like work again.

Because you’ll love what you’re doing.

You’ll live for those emails from readers that tell you how you’ve changed their life.  You’ll look forward to growing a business all your own into what you’ve dreamed it could be and you’ll finally be living life on your terms.

Just a few years ago I didn’t even know 

Blogging was a way to make money. 

Now just a few short years later, I’m making some income.

That my friends asked how easy it is to make money blogging?.

So are you ready?

To start making some extra income while you do what you love?


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