3 Ways To Overcome Your Fear Of Rejection When Dating

Love is vulnerable, because it puts us at risk of rejection from those we care about deeply.

But the good news? There are a variety of ways to overcome your fear of getting rejected in a relationship.

Here are five things to consider in order to overcome fear of rejection in your relationship.

1. Being realistic

Dating is a game. After all, you usually have to date a lot of people to meet the one you decide to spend the rest of your life with. But the dating process goes far more smoothly when you keep your expectations realistic.

For instance, if you’re looking for a lasting relationship that will end in marriage, then you shouldn’t date younger men who have no interest in getting married. Dating others that have the same relationship goals will decrease your likelihood of rejection.

2. Giving your relationship a chance

So many people have misconceptions about their relationships because they compare them to the ones they see in shows and movies. Unfortunately, though, love isn’t always an instant connection between two people.

Therefore, to avoid rejection in your relationships, let your relationships naturally develop and turn into love in their own time. Give your relationship a chance, and see where it can go.

3. Knowing their intentions

Unfortunately, many people date for the wrong reasons, like wealth or status. Knowing your lover’s intentions, though, can ultimately save you from heartache and rejection.

If they only want your money, but you don’t want them to use you, let them go, even if you have feelings for them. Only choose people who are in the dating game for the right reasons.

Being in a relationship can sometimes lead to rejection, but there are so many ways for you to avoid rejection in the first place. Following these tips and tricks will help you find lasting love and meet your perfect match with far less rejection along the way.

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