You’re no longer a footballer, you’ve no goals in UCL – Larque slams Neymar

Former French midfielder, Jean-Michel Larque, has slammed Paris Saint-Germain’s Neymar, saying the Brazilian is no longer a footballer.

Larque blasted Neymar for his lack of output in Ligue 1 and especially in the Champions League this season, insisting that the 30-year-old has zero goals.

The 74-year-old also questioned Neymar’s mentality and his commitment to PSG.

Neymar’s form has improved in the last few games, but Larque claims the former Barcelona star has endured one of his worst seasons at PSG.

“What is indisputable is the numbers. One game out of two in the Championship this year, and eleven goals, which will probably be one of his worst seasons in Paris Saint-Germain,” Larque told RMC Sport.

“And then there is what he came for, the Champions League. He played six games, scored zero goals.

“Maybe there are better things to do than spend your days, and especially your nights, playing poker when the season isn’t yet over.

“One has the impression that he has become a soccer profiteer, a mercenary. Neymar is no longer a football player,” he added.

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