You’re useless: Kenyan OAP slams Portable

Kenyan radio presenter, Maureen Imbai, popularly known as Black Cinderella, has slammed Nigerian singer, Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, for embarrassing her country.

Black Cinderella called out Portable over a video of him rejecting a hookup proposal from a lady who approached him at an outdoor spot in Mombasa, Kenya.

Black Cinderella who insisted that the video is an insult to Kenyan women, stated that Portable should know as a celebrity that women will throw themselves at him for hookup.

She also accused the “Zazoo crooner” of misbehaving while accusing him of putting videos of him misusing their girls, live abuse of drugs, and so many more disgusting videos online.

The media girl added that the girl in the video must sue Portable for recording and sharing her video without her consent as such videos are humiliating, embarrassing and can cause psychological damage.

She wrote, “Find me the girl he embarrassed to file a complaint about the public humiliation. She will get not less than 2000 USD.

“Worst of all, since you came to Kenya, you’re the first celebrity that have not visited our national parks or even the giraffe center or any tourism attraction sites and showcase Kenya.

“Meaning that as a foreigner, you are useless. You came to benefit from our country then you start to misbehave.”

Read her posts below.

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