Mummy G.O is my sister: Singer Olakira opens up

Olakira, a Nigerian Afro-pop singer, has confirmed that he is related to Evangelist Adebayo Funmilayo, popularly called Mummy G. O. by social media fans and critics.

Olakira stated on Friday evening after a fan asked him on Twitter if he was truly the younger brother of the controversial cleric.

He replied: “Yes she’s my sister and na heaven I dey go (and I am going to heaven)”

Nigerians however took to the comment section to mock the singer.

kunle__real said: “Hell Faya for you bro… na ur sis talk am oo.”

phemmypoko wrote: “Wow. Wow. Wow. I shock sotey I turn ambulance service.”

veevyane__ asked: “So her brother won’t make heaven?”

Rinu Oduola said: “You are going to hëll, my friend.”

Mummy G.O

Mummy G.O has become famous for her unorthodox, questionable, and sometimes humorous sermons.×250

Among her viral messages is one where the clergywoman said break dancing originated from the land of the dead.

“Where did break dancing generate from? Michael Jackson. He got power from the dead land. What is the land of the dead? Skeleton. Skeleton is not for the living. If you breakdance, you’re telling God you’re dead,” she said.

In one of several memes, the woman said boys who give girls money in 2022 will be “giving away their glory”.

Also, the clergywoman claimed in another video that the US-based company Walt Disney projects the number 666 in the design of its name — with 666 being the biblical mark of the Antichrist as widely held by Christians.

On the COVID-19 vaccine, she said in another video that those who take the vaccine should never anticipate heaven.

Drug Pusher

“I wasn’t a fool before I met Christ. I was a cocaine pusher. I sold guns and rented ammunition to robbers. I was a hired killer. I had boys at my disposal. Whenever I want to give information to politicians, they pay me millions.

“Obasanjo knows me very well. We are close pals. Even Babangida knows me. The police had no guts to arrest me. Sijuade, the Ooni of Ife, it was when I met him that his business started booming.

“The kind of cocaine I smuggled, I used flying carpet, straight to Germany and America. I don’t use airplanes. The reason why I have this knowledge is due to my long journey in the kingdom of darkness.”

On Football Stars

“Anybody that dies as a football star shall go to hell. Write it down. I’m not forcing you to believe it. If your child or brother becomes a star in ball, it’s an automatic certificate to hell.

“Especially you boys, when we tell you that ball is not good, you hate it. If you know it’s a sin, raise your hand. Football is a sin. It is a game of antichrist. That is why many general overseers and big churches are fighting me.”

On Handset

“All of you children telling your parents to buy handset for you on your birthday, you’re asking for the ticket to hellfire.”

On Comedians

“My dear, if you are here and your dream is to become a comedian, I want you to renounce Jesus before that. You must renounce Jesus and reject him. To become a comedian means you’re destined for hell.”

On Hair Attachments
“The first attachment on earth, I produced it. The name is Amigo. And we’re the ones that have the company that produced it.”

However, in a recent interview with the BBC, Mummy G.O., feigned ignorance of her viral sermons.

She stated that people threatened her because of her end-time preaching.

She also inferred that the videos making the rounds on social media are fake.

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