Drama as heavyweight boxer punches referee in face after losing fight

There was drama over the weekend as Ukrainian heavyweight boxer, Iago Kiladze, punched the referee Samuel Burgos after he stopped his encounter with Viktor Faust, a Ukrainian boxer.

Kiladze contested Faust on the undercard of the Luis Ortiz vs Charles Martin main event on New Year’s Day in Florida.

His fight against Faust was intense right from the first bell, with both boxers going hell for leather for the win.

Kiladze was stunned early on after receiving a left hook that dropped him in round one.

Meanwhile, Faust, who had never been dropped previous to this fight, then got a taste of his own medicine and fell to the canvas after a sharp counter right from Kiladze not long after he had recovered from the mat.

Both boxers shared five knockdowns between them, which certainly is not a regular occurrence, particularly so early on in a fight.

Kiladze scored the fourth of the aforementioned five knockdowns when Faust, 29, was knocked down for just the second time ever, but it was not until an overhand right dropped Kiladze that the referee stepped in.

The official Burgos asked Kiladze to walk towards him but when the Ukrainian stumbled, the fight was waved off.

This was met by immense disappointment from the fans, and even Faust, who was awarded the victory.

He could not hide his confusion at the decision.

However, Kiladze, 35, seemed to take the frustrations out with a quick jab at Burgos as the official called off the fight.

The act was obviously baffling for viewers around the world but Burgos was luckily able to see the funny side and laugh off such a bizarre incident.

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