Quit with the fake love – Actress Sedater Saviour slams her colleagues mourning veteran actor Samuel Obiago on social media

Actress Sedaster Saviour has berated her colleauges mourning veteran actor Samuel Obiago aka Daddy Sam on social media.

Sedaster took to her Instagram page and asked her colleagues to stop showing the fake love because when someone is alive, people in Nollywood wouldn’t post them until they die

Her post reads ;

Dear Nollywood.

Quit with the fake love.

Live your truth, no one would crucify you.

When one is alive, you won’t celebrate the person but the minute he dies, you spread pictures everywhere with fake writeups of how much you loved them!!!

Ahh this world is wicked ooo.

All of a sudden, everyone has something good to say.

No one cares until you drop dead, you all should quit with the fake love Abeg!!!!!!!!!!!!! My brother would call you if he didn’t see you for a week to ask and be sure everything was ok with you and even find you were ever you are to encourage you but sad his case was different!……why did you sign out like this!!!

The actor died on Thursday, December 23, at the age of 50, after battling a stroke for months.

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