Teach your daughters violence— Jason Njoku

British-Nigerian businessman, Jason Njoku has advised parents to teach their daughters how to defend themselves against bullies.

The IROKO TV boss gave this advise while sharing how he handled a bully situation involving his daughters in a water park in Turkey.

According to him, while they were in the park, a Russian boy who is way older than his kids kept pushing one of his daughters, Nnnena, and wouldn’t stop pushing her.

Reacting to the obvious attempt of the Russian boy to bully his daughter, he said he told his second daughter, Kaego, to punch the boy if he pushes her sister again and she did just that.

He said after a series of pushes and punches, the boy’s mother and the life guard had to intervene.

Jason wrote on Twitter,

“Teach your daughters violence. A few days ago much older Russian boy (10+) kept pushing Nnenna at the water park in Turkey. He wouldn’t stop. I told Kaego to punch him if he pushes your sister again. He did & she kept punching him until his parents & the life guard intervened.”

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