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Omah Lay, Tems narrate ordeals in Uganda

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Nigerian singers, Omah Lay and Tems have both taken to Twitter to thank Nigerians for the roles played in ensuring their release from Uganda custody.

Omah lay and Tems were arrested on Saturday for “Negligently doing acts likely to spread an infectious disease” after their performances at The Big Brunch, which held at Speke Resort, Wavamunno Rd, Kampala.

Uganda police confirmed their arrest on Sunday and charged them to court on Monday.

The court ordered they should be remanded till Wednesday but the intervention of the Nigerian government ensured they were released on Tuesday with charges dropped.

Reacting to the ordeal, Omah Lay described it as the toughest of his life.

“The past few days have been some of the toughest of my life that I wouldn’t wish them on anyone. Out in a new country with some beautiful people, the next thing I’m being treated like a common thief, on the other hand, I can’t thank you enough, I damned near lost my mind but your prayers and messages kept me going! Thank you so much!,” Omah Lay stated.

The “godly” crooner went ahead to thank his colleagues and the Nigerian government for his release and safe return home.

He wrote, “Big shout out to the musicians, the celebrities, fans (again and again), my family, my friends, my Label, The Nigerian Mission in Uganda, The Presidency, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Madam Abike. Thank you all so much!

“Finally, big THANK YOU to everyone for your efforts, prayers, messages, tweets. I have put this behind me and back to what I know how to do best. One Africa. Omah is home! Love, Omah”

Tems, on her part, thanked Nigerians, especially her fans for being supportive during her plight.

She explained that they were told all the necessary approvals had been fully met to protect attendees but things were different after the show started.

Tems wrote, “On Saturday, 12 December 202, I was scheduled to perform with Omah Lay at the Big Brunch: Afrobeats Edition organised by Kasana Events in Kampala, Uganda. When we arrived, we were met with such a warm reception, including press events promoting the event. This promotion alongside the safety terms outlined in the performance agreement, and the presence of authorities at the event, assured us that necessary approvals had been fully met by the organizers to ensure a safe and compliant event in Kampala. I’m truly saddened that attendees could have possibly been exposed to COVID-19.

“I would have never participated had I even the slightest knowledge that the event would not meet standard operating procedures and put Uganda’s citizens at risk. The seriousness of COVID-19 requires responsibility from everyone as a world citizen, a responsibility I take very seriously.

She continued, “I am thankful to the Nigerian and Ugandan government and everyone behind the scenes who played a part in resolving this matter. I want to especially appreciate my Rebel Gang, honestly, you all keep surprising me with the consistent love you show me. The number of supportive tweets, posts, and messages are overwhelming. Thank you all for having my back and YES, I HAVE EATEN. To my amazing fans in Uganda, I absolutely love you! Thank you so much for all your love and support, it has really touched my heart. I hope we can meet again in the future.”

“This past week has been difficult but extremely eye-opening for me. I know some may have been worried, but despite everything, this experience has helped me see things for myself. While I was being detained, I met some amazing women and children, and my eyes were opened to the strife and hurt a lot of women are going through. I am so blessed to have experienced the strength and bravery that these women possess to keep them going. I have newfound compassion and desire to be more involved in making life easier for people such as these, no matter the circumstance. Overall, I am extremely grateful for all the love, the enormous efforts, and full-blown support. Honestly, words truly cannot describe how it feels to be back home.”

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