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2019: PDP guber candidate, Jimi Agbaje speaks on his plans for Lagos

The governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Lagos State, Jimi Agbaje, has unveiled some of his plans and policies for Lagosians and how he plans to execute them when elected as the governor in 2019.

While fielding questions from the Lagos residents during a Twitter Question and Answer session with the hashtag #AskJimi he (Agbaje) organized, the gubernatorial candidate said one of his plans was to remove the tollgates on Lekki-Epe Expressway for free flow of transport along the axis.

Answering the question, “Can we get the toll off the roads especially the Lekki-Epe express? We could do without the traffic jam #askJimi?”

He said, “I stand for the fact that the tolls gates should be removed. I have said the toll gates should be removed. I am aware that people currently work at these toll gates. We won’t leave them unemployed. We would find jobs and opportunities for them based on their skill sets and current requirements of the economy. #ASKJIMI.”

To the question, “What’s your response to people, who don’t think you’re taking this race seriously [enough]? Seeing as there’s hardly any indication on your part that you plan, or believe you can win? What does a vote for Jimi Agbaje mean for Lagosians?”

Agbaje answered, “A vote for Jimi Agbaje is a vote for a better future of young people, freedom, independence. It’s a vote for your interests.”

Responding to the question on how he intends to “break into BOURDILON POLITICAL RANKS to dislodged their influence and thereby winning the election? Alternatively, what are you going to do differently to win this election?”, The PDP Guber candidate simply said, “The citizens in their majority need to make this happen by using their power. Coming out to vote and vote right is the only way to make this happen.”
While asked when he did realize he wanted to run for governorship in 2019, he said, “For the question. When you have the interest of Lagos at heart, you always look for opportunities to serve – whether it’s in your local community or Church/Mosque or in Government.”

Meanwhile, some participants charged him to go out of his hiding and meet people in the streets if truly he is serious with his ambition, saying politics and his campaign strategy should be physically meeting people and not limited to the social media.

However, Agbaje said the word “Jimism” stands for a system of government that places power in the hands of Lagosians.

“It makes the will, wants and desires of Lagosians the top priorities of its administration,” he declared, promising to continue attending to some other questions next week.

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