2019: I will not reveal PDP’s strategy – Makarfi

Former Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party’s National Caretaker Committee, Ahmed Makarfi has said his party is ready to take back power in 2019. He however declined to reveal the PDP strategy; saying it will amount to going to a battle and telling the enemy one’s war plans. Makarfi, who made this known during an interview Thisday Newspaper, said: “No serious party will want to remain as an opposition party.

“The role of any opposition party is to take over power and that is what we set our eyes on right now. I want to thank APC for actually making our job easier and I continue to pray that APC continues to make our job easier as we move closer to elections. “I do not pray Nigerians continue to suffer and that is why I believe Nigerians will make the right choice by voting out the party in power.

“As to our preparations, all I can say is that we are doing all that is legally and politically doable to achieve our objectives. It would be inappropriate for me to give a hint on what we are doing or what we are planning. It will amount to someone going to a battlefront and publish your war plans, you have as well committed suicide before going for the war. We keep our plans to our chest but be assured we are used to the politicking and we shall leave no stone unturned.”

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