2019: Fasehun attacks Oyegun, Bello for calling Buhari messiah

Founder, Oodua Peoples Congress, OPC, Dr Fredrick Fasehun, has said that President Muhammadu Buhari and the All Progressives Congress, APC, have failed Nigerians and do not deserve second term. Fasehun said this while attacking the National Chairman of the APC John Odigie-Oyegun and Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello for describing Buhari as a Messiah. He wondered why Bello and Oyegun should say that there was no alternative to President Buhari in 2019, while Nigerians were being killed by herdsmen, Book Haram and hunger on a daily basis

Speaking in an interview with Daily Sun, the OPC boss said, “I’m surprised by the comments credited to both of them. They are speaking like Nigerian politicians. They are saying what should be expected from them. “These are politicians that people refer to as Agip politicians. That is politicians supporting any government in power. And in Oyegun and Bello’s case, they must speak in support of their principal and ally, President Buhari. “Now coming to their comments, both of them have goofed. Oyegun and Bello have goofed. How can Buhari be Nigeria’s messiah? Nigeria’s messiah in what way? Does Oyegun know the true meaning of a messiah?

“A messiah means somebody that has come to save and protect. But can Buhari be described as a savior or a protector when Nigeria has been turned into a killing field under his watch? “The news coming out of Nigeria daily since Buhari took over in 2015 is very scaring. It is news of innocent Nigerians being killed all over the place by bandits, kidnappers, and Fulani herdsmen. Nigeria has gradually been turned into a killing field. “From Benue to Taraba, Taraba to Adamawa, Adamawa to Kaduna to Zamfara, it is tales of gory killings and bloodshed. It is as if Nigeria is without a leader, and yet Buhari is there as President, and it is under his watch that all these killings and loss of lives are taking place, and yet some callous and heartless Nigerians like Oyegun could have the boldness to describe him as Nigeria’s messiah – this is very sad and unfortunate.

“I wonder if Oyegun is a genuine Christian, I wonder if Oyegun is a man with conscience. It is only a heartless man that will describe Buhari as Nigeria’s messiah. “Again, what are the criteria Oyegun is using to describe his principal and ally, as a messiah. Does Buhari deserve the accolade of a messiah when millions of Nigerians are dying of hunger daily? Hunger, poverty, unemployment, suffering and hardship are what millions of Nigerians have come to know since 2015 when Buhari became President. “For Yahaya Bello to say that there is no alternative to Buhari in 2019 is a big insult to Nigerians. Governor Yahaya Bello and others in his shoes saying that there is no alternative to Buhari are saying rubbish. They should apologise to Nigerians.

“How can Yahaya Bello say that there is no alternative to Buhari in a country of over 170 million people? There are hundreds of alternatives if not thousands of alternatives to Buhari in Nigeria. “However, I’m not shocked by Bello’s comments, he is only trying to sing praise of Buhari who is his benefactor and God-sent helper. “The bitter truth today is that millions of Nigerians are not satisfied with Buhari, and his party APC. Both have disappointed the nation – they have performed poorly – they have failed Nigerians. In fact, I wept for Nigeria the day Buhari was elected President.”

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