2019: Anyone who opposes my return will be grinded into ashes

The governor of Ebonyi state, Chief David Umahi, at the weekend said any one who tries to terminate his second tenure bid will be smashed into ashes. The governor also claimed that 29 political parties in Abuja, have adopted him as their sole candidate in the forthcoming general elections. Umahi made this known while addressing the people of the old Ohaozara political bloc at a rally organized by Ohaozara, Onicha and Ivo L.G Areas to adopt him (Umahi) as their sole candidate for the 2019 election at Obiozara, headquarters of Ohaozara LGA. “The parties would storm the state in February to formalize the adoption and anyone who tries us would be injured because if the person falls on us, he will be grinded into granite and if we fall on him, he will be grinded into ashes.

He noted that he and his deputy have accepted to continue this divine work and any one who tries to terminate it would face God’s anger and might not be there during his swearing-in ceremony. “I will pay full attention to the politics of the general elections from January.1, 2019 and it would be like sunami, something that has never been seen before. He noted that Ebonyi state would record more than 1million votes during the elections, noting that the adoption of some candidates for other positions was irrevocable.

“They must however work out their own salvation and take care of the parties, empower the youths and widows in their constituencies as we would be watching them. He noted that he was reviewing his support for some people whom he wanted to call their names but the state’s deputy governor begged him not to call their names. “We would withdraw our support for them, stop infrastructural works in their areas, tell their people that they are the cause of the stoppage, so that they would be chased with brooms, umbrella and cocks.

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