2013 MTN Project Fame Winner, Olawale Ojo Reveals Why He May Have Failed As An Artiste

2013 MTN Project Fame winner Olawale Ojo turned cab driver, has said many people told him he has no swag after winning the competition.

He disclosed how after a show in Unilag a few years ago, some of the people who attended out rightly told him he does not behave like a celebrity.

He took to his Instagram page and wrote:

Not long after I won PF, I went for a show in Unilag where after performing, I had the opportunity to mingle with a couple of students. Now while speaking to some duos, somewhere not so far off, a couple of guys stood in group talking about me, I was just few frets away. All these guys had to say was Olawale does not have swag, he does not behave like other acts. At least make he dey show himself small, show say you be celebrity. In mind, I just laughed. If only they knew….I have and never will b that person or act who will be so swagged up I won’t be able to interact with fans and even non fans. I am First human, before an artiste and I was taught to be not only humble but respectful towards others. Over the years, i have gotten a few more these kind of talk, via DMs, mails, through friends…u name it…But I will never change who I am….I am first human…I am that Ekiti boy who grew up in Apata,Ibadan and have had to work his way through everything….I have mingled and still mingle with everyone…Be it blue or white collar peeps and being a celebrity, a semi one an upcoming one…Whatever tag there is to it will never stop me from being kind to everyone I meet….Really what will being kind or interactive with same human as you, take from your person? Make someone smile today….U just never know what you have just done for that person and for yourself….Happy Sunday my people!

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