15 Brutal Truths About How To Make Your Relationship Work

If you want a successful relationship, you have to put in the work — that much we know. But what kind of work, exactly, carries a couple through the ups and downs? 

Here, the brutal truths you need to know about how to make a relationship last.

1. Keep your parents out of your relationship.

Seriously. They have no place in it.

2. Keep your best friends/BFFs out of your relationship.

It will not end well if you don’t.

3. Take a time out — together. 

Sometimes, the sexiest thing in the world for you two to do is spend the weekend inside, watching television in sweats…or not much clothing at all.

4. Have sex.

Seriously. And do it regularly.

5. Love all of each other. 

Love her tight, heart-shaped butt…and her tear gas level farts. Love his sculpted muscles…and his noxious morning breath. Love all of your Bae.

6. Let her watch that Lifetime Channel movie.

And go watch the football game at a bar.

7. Let him watch the football game.

8. Arguments are common in relationships. 

Violent arguments are not.

9. Space is underrated in relationships.

Give your partner space, even if unprompted. Despite the fact that you two are in a union, you are separate people who are sharing a life. Respect that fact.

10. Complete honesty is overrated.

11. Issues with finances can cripple a relationship.

Issues with trust can harm a relationship. What will absolutely torpedo a relationship is an inability to compromise by either one of you.

12. Putting up with each other’s quirks may irritate you.

Going to a birthday party for your partner’s five times removed cousin’s half-brother blows. And you will still have to do it. Take a shower, roll up your sleeves, jump in the car, and go meet Cletus. Yes, the party will suck, and Cletus will be a goober… but, no one said love would be easy.

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