Osun Elections is one of the most tightly contested governorship elections in nigerian political history. After must heated campaign, parties went into the elections which was declared inconclusive as a result of the cancelation of elections in some pulling units. This necessitated a re-run featuring PDP and APC after both parties had the highest number of votes in the first round.

The re-run was a second round of elections upon which a winner must emerged. This went in favour of APC. The outcome has generated debates, accusations and criticism

What happened in Osun state was a clear political physics, an electoral mathematical sense which can only be calculated by the political ‘gurus’. Its quite unfortunate that APC is the party that manifested this brilliance.

After a 1st round of elections.. The two parties going for a re-run depend on the votes of other political parties in the 1st ballot to actually win. This is done by forming an alliance with those other parties(coalition), particularly the most strongest amongst them…. Which in SDP in this case.

In the re-run election, SDP was the winning ticket for PDP or APC. Who graps SDP support?…I will tell you.

Now, both PDP and APC meet with SDP(Omisore) in an effort to gain their support to win the election. How can you gain a coalition? Read on..

Gaining a coalition is not just meeting the party or convincing the party..No! It is what you put on the table as regards that party’s interest, manifesto and representation in the government if you eventually win…it is called political marketing, Bargain and contract.

I think APC made a better offer, hence the support of APC by SDP. Called it betrayal from SDP if you want, but they just stick to a party(APC) that can best protect their interest and perhaps give them recognition in the soon to-form-goverment. It was a better idea if you ask me considering the connection and power they stand to enjoy from the federal level controlled by APC.

It was a keenly contested elections. PDP were favorites. But in a re-run, it is you affiliation with other smaller parties that gives you the victory…”Political Physics”..and that is where PDP missed it.

Nevertheless, this is not to put blind eyes to the fact the the elections were characterized by some abnormalities which both APC and PDP are not innocent of.

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